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Tattly Provides Temporary (Guilt-free!) Tattoos for Designerly Types

by Joseph Sutton

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(Photo: Knucks by Frank Chimero, via Tattly)

Walking down the streets of Williamsburg, DUMBO or other Brooklyn neighborhoods will give you a crash course of some distinct ways to look cool: sunglasses (you could rock that), cute outfits (can-do, just check in a thrift shop!) and tattoos (hold up—that one’s a bit of a commitment.)

For those unwilling to paint their bodies permanently, the recently-launched online shop Tattly hearkens back fun memories of childhood: temporary tattoos. Tattly offers “designy” tattoos, which means they’re rather more sophisticated (but no less fun!) than your child’s tattoos.

In fact, the idea for Tattly sprung when founder and designer Tina Roth Eisenberg realized that “temporary children tattoos are often hideous looking,” comparing them to clip art. So Eisenberg decided to shake up the market with designs she would be happy to have on her daughter’s arm—and on her own. 

Currently, there are fifteen different designs to choose from, selling at $5 for a set of two (shipping within the US included.) For those eager to try out the whole variety, $35 will snag you the entire launch lineup.  Our personal favorite designs are Julia Rothman’s “You’re Late” and Jessi Arrington’s “Color burst.” If nothing yet strikes your fancy, new designs are planned to roll out every two to three weeks.

To build Tattly’s roster of designers, Eisenberg went through her contacts and pitched the idea to friends and favorite designers. “The response was entirely positive,” said Eisenberg, “and within days I had submissions in my inbox.” But Tattly isn’t closed only to established designers; anyone can submit their own designs to be considered, too.

Tattly’s funky designs show that temporary tattoos aren’t just for kids anymore. “I think you could call it a fashion accessory,” said Eisenberg. “Also, there are lots of folks like me that actually don’t dare to have a real tattoo. I can’t commit to a design forever, but will gladly wear a lovely typographic tattoo by Jessica Hische for a few days!” I think I would, too!

Tattly is based in Brooklyn, but ships anywhere in the world.

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October 25, 2014

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