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Q&A With Liza de Guia: The Lady Behind Food Curated

by Brooklyn Exposed

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(Photo: Liza de Guia, via Juantsetter)

We had the opportunity to chat with Liza de Guia, a Brooklyn resident and author behind the very popular foodie video blog, Food Curated.  In addition to being a 2010 James Beard nominee, Liza is now the very own star and host of Food Curated, a weekly television show which features a multitude of local food-related businesses and their owners. 

1. When did you start Food Curated, the blog?
I started my food. curated. video blog over a year ago in the Fall. More than anything, I was just hoping people would like my vision for food storytelling, and I’m
so grateful for the wonderful response I’ve gotten so far.

2.  Do you have others assisting you with the blog?
Right now, every single video from start to finish along with the fun blog post and Facebook/Twitter updates are all done by yours truly. It’s a lot of work. But I like being hands on and personal. I like people knowing that it’s all me. Though, the thought of getting some other video storytellers on board is a welcomed idea…

3.  What was your inspiration to create the blog?
All in all, I just wanted to tell the stories behind good food. And I wanted to do it in a way that was unique and intimate – so I chose video.  I hoped that though my storytelling, it would inspire people to seek out good food and eat better…or at least eat with more curiousity. Food and people are my passion. And food. curated. was just my way of getting closer and more in touch with the things I love.  I love to learn about what makes people tick. I love hearing what drives
people.  And in food is so interesting because it’s so hands on and interactive and incredibly fun to film. Plus, tasting the food afterwards ain’t bad either!

4.  What are your non-food interests?
I like photography, documentaries, traveling, scuba diving, magic shows, epic novels, comedy, the beach, and my poi classes.

5.  Is managing the blog a full-time job?
Yes. And sometimes, more than full-time.

6.  Where do you live?
Greenpoint is my ‘hood and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve got so many food makers and artists, great restaurants, funky boutiques and cool bars.  I don’t have to leave my 10 block radius to have fun. Plus, you can get the best smoked kielbasa here too!

7.  Did you study food in college (assuming you went)?
I was a marketing major in college. All the food studying I ever did growing up came from traveling and just eating a lot. I grew up in a food obsessed family.

8.  Did you ever think your blog would become so successful?
I always had dreams for food. curated. But, I never thought I’d be nominated for a James Beard Award or have a local NYC life TV show a year into it. At the end of the day, it was just really important for me to become part of the local food scene in a way that mattered. I wanted to give a voice to great food products and food artisans I believed in – hoping that my little stories could help in some way.And the nice thing is, I think they do! I just want to help people and support great food through my love of storytelling. It makes me happy to do it.

9.  How did you come about being the host for Food Curated the TV show?
Well, I’ve done a lot of TV hosting in my past when I worked for Plum TV as a food/lifestyle host and storyteller out in The Hamptons. So, when NYC TV
approached me about turning my online series into a show, they thought it was a no-brainer that I should host. Nice thing is, I was hoping they’d ask.
I always wanted to feel more connect to my stories in someway and this gives me that opportunity…to really put a face to the stories.

10.  How did you feel when you were nominated for the James Beard award?
It was one of those things where I’ll never forget when or where I was when it happened. I smelled of coconut & granola fresh off a shoot in Red Hook with Early Bird. I was packing up my video camera when I noticed my phone and email blowing up with messages. And once I read the email from the James Beard Foundation I was just overcome with this beautiful feeling of happiness. I had that moment of self-confidence that I chose wisely by going off on my own and
taking a chance to build this dream series. I take a lot of risks in life to follow my dreams, but even after all the hard work and endless hours, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. What I do is fulfilling. I get to meet cool people. See amazing things. Eat unbelievable food. And tell great stories that help farmers and food artisans while educating viewers and fans along the way. To me, that’s a pretty fun career indeed…


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October 25, 2014

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