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Eleven Things to Do During Hurricane Sandy If The Lights Go Out

Hurricane Sandy is on her way and the best you can do is embrace her visit. During her short stay, she may cause power outages. Endless boredom won't find a place in your home once you get started with the activities on this list - sure to keep you busy in the dark.

  1. That $100 fancy, scented candle you purchased a year ago for decorative purposes can finally be put to its real use.
  2. Fix yourself a good, stiff drink that does not require ice (which requires a refrigerator, which requires electricity) and sip it while you pray your roof remains intact. We hope you have a bottle of Jack From Brooklyn’s Sorel, which should really keep your nerves calm.
  3. That sleep you’ve been trying to catch up on... now is the perfect time.
  4. Complete another entry in your journal that you haven’t wrote in for three months.
  5. Dust off the box buried deep in your closet (be sure you have that $100 candle handy) that happens to contain a 1,000 piece puzzle.
  6. Think of how for granted you take life's basic conveniences – your first thought needs to be of electricity.
  7. Think some more about how for granted you take things. Walk around your darkened home (without that $100 candle) and hope and pray you come out unscathed – be grateful you have vision.
  8. Be prepared to become best friends with Kindle, iPad and iPod, which we hope will be fully charged.
  9. Well, your treadmill, which runs on electric power, doesn’t work and you may freak out knowing you cannot exercise, so it will be a good time to see how well you do at jumping jacks.
  10. Start thinking about the millions you may make when your winning ‘I Survived Hurricane Sandy’ design winds up on thousands of T-Shirts, badges, bumper stickers, etc
  11. If there’s ever a time to be creative with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich making skills – it’s now.

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